There’s an App for that

These days almost everyone has a smart phone (like an iPhone) and/or tablet (like a Kindle Fire). And these devices function primarily on Apps, which is short for Application Software. There is an App for anything and everything you want to do. Here is some information about some of our favorites Apps at Century Corp.

There's an App for That

There’s an App for That

Mostly everyone is on either Facebook or Twitter, or knows what it is – and if you are you have that App on your phone or tablet, so we won’t go into what those apps do. But in case you don’t know, our apartments at Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens, and Old Orchard all have their own Facebook and Twitter pages. Another very popular App is Foursquare. This is a social media app that is used to ‘check in’ to places such as restaurants, movies, bars, stores, hotels, museums, etc to let your friends know where you and what you’re doing – and sometimes when you check in you get a gift or a discount. Be sure to ‘check in’ when you visit any of our apartments to receive your free gift. Connect your Foursquare to your Facebook and Twitter pages, so when you ‘check in’, it posts on your pages. Hootsuite is an App to manage all of your social media sites. Connect up to five of your social media sites and post just one time and it simultaneously goes to all your sites on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.

GetGlue is an App where you ‘check in’ to what tv shows, movies, sports you are watching or what book you are reading or what music you are listening to. It is a great way to let your friends know what new books, movies, or music is out there, and a fun way to discuss them. When you check in on GetGlue, it posts on your Facebook and Twitter pages if you connect your sites. Instagram is a photo App. Take photos from your phone and adjust the color, tint and border and post them to your Facebook and Twitter sites simultaneously. Parker is a great App for finding an available parking space before you get to the parking lot. You can filter by street or only garage spaces, etc. You can even make a mobile payment. Another helpful driving App is any sort of GPS or Maps App – the name and type will change depending on your device. You can get directions, find out distances, and nearby restaurants and hotels.

Most websites have mobile Apps. Google is probably the most popular. It is used to find out any information. For instance, to find out where a restaurant is located or what year that stadium opened. How did we look up stuff before Google? It has even become a verb – ‘I’ll google it and find out.’ IMDB is a great App to find out who that is playing a character is a movie or tv show, or to find out what year that movie was made. Fandango is a great App for finding movies times and where they are playing and even buying your tickets. If you want to check on a flight to make sure it is on time, whether it’s for yourself or if you’re picking someone up, use the FlightView App. Just type in the airline, flight number and date and you will have takeoff and landing times as well as gate and luggage locations. With the YouTube, Kindle, and Weather Channel Apps you can watch videos, read books, and get the weather forecast.

There are Apps for your favorite sports team to follow the scores. There are Apps for your bank, so you can do all of your banking from your phone or tablet. And Apps for calculator, notepad, and games makes your phone or tablet indispensable. What Apps are you using?

Going Viral Party at Burnam Woods Apartments

Century Corp / Awalt Bldrs has gone viral and celebrated with a Going Viral Party at Burnam Woods Apartments last night. For the past month, we have been adding pages to all of the hot social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Not only is Century Corp / Awalt Bldrs on each of these sites, but so are our three apartment communities – Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens, and Old Orchard Apartments.

Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Check in on Foursquare, Connect with us on LinkedIn, Add us to your Circle on Google+, and Pin us on Pinterest.

Residents of Burnam Woods Apartments braved the heat last night and made their way to the leasing office to learn all about our new social media sites, enjoy some refreshments, and take home a free gift. We had a great time talking about decorating, local events, food and of course social media. But don’t be jealous if you live at Chatham Gardens or Old Orchard Apartments, we will be celebrating with you soon!