Maintenance Monday – kitchen tools

This week’s Maintenance Monday tip is brought to you by Love to Know Safety:

Kitchen Tools

Utensil Drawer


There’s a utensil drawer in every kitchen, filled with forks, knives and other sharp objects that could potentially result in puncture injuries if not stored properly and handled with care.

  • Place all sharp items so that the sharp edges are pointing away from where they are likely to poke family members as they reach into the drawer.
  • Keep the drawer organized the same way so someone doesn’t accidentally reach for a spoon and wind up with the blade of a knife.
  • Avoid storing so many items in the drawer that the clutter makes it difficult to see sharp utensils.



Knives are among the most common kitchen hazards, particularly if they are not stored properly.

  • Store your sharpest knives separate from the utensil drawer, either in a knife block or case.
  • Keep the knife block out of reach of children, and put it in a safe place where it won’t get knocked over.
  • When storing knives in blocks, be sure that the handles are positioned so that they can be gripped easily.
  • Place the blade of the knife in the block with the sharp side pointing up. This will help preserve the edges, as well as make it easy for household members to know what to expect when pulling out a knife.
  • Knife cases should be firmly sealed so there’s no risk of knives accidentally being exposed.