Maintenance Monday – stay warm with humidity

Keep It Humid

It’s true that it’s not the heat that makes you feel warm, it’s the humidity. Humid air feels warmer than dry air, so in the winter, instead of cranking the heat, run a humidifier. This allows you to turn down the heat, save energy, and still feel comfortable. Live, leafy plants also help raise humidity levels.

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How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

With the heat index over 100, how can we stay cool and not melt? To keep your apartment cool, keep your blinds/shades/curtains closed during the day to keep the sun out. Also, keep your air conditioner at a constant comfortable temperature with the fan on, not auto, for better circulation. To keep your car cool during the day, keep your windows opened just a little and use a windshield sunshade like this one from the Century Corp … 003

For our residents at Burnam Woods Apartments, you can get a free milkshake today (7.18) between 2:00 and 6:00 pm at the Z-Burger in White Marsh – no purchase necessary. For our residents at Chatham Gardens and Old Orchard Apartments, you can cool off with some yummy frozen yogurt with all the toppings at Yogi Castle and Sweet Frog.