SNOW expected Tonight and Tuesday!


Snow is headed our way tonight, so please be careful out there. Watch your step on the slippery sidewalks and watch for the plow trucks while pulling out of your parking spot and driving through the courts. When it snows, we will clear and treat the sidewalks and parking lots. Please remember to stomp your feet outside before entering your building, so you do not track in chemicals. Also, be careful when walking up or down the stairs on the tile so you don’t slip with your wet shoes.

When snow is expected, please do not park your car so close to the curb that your front or rear bumper extend over the curb edge as it prevents us from being able to clear the sidewalks with the plow. When we start clearing the parking spaces when snow starts accumulating, we ask the residents to please move your vehicles in order for us to clear multiple spaces at a time. We also ask you kindly push the snow & ice off their vehicles onto the drive area, rather then back onto the side walks or in between the vehicles. Even when we have already plowed the drive areas, please push the snow back to the driveway rather than in between the cars when clearing the snow off your car. This will help prevent unnecessary falls and allows for better snow removal and treatment between your vehicles.

Please be respectful of the snow plows, and give them ample room to move about in the parking lots. When you are driving toward or behind the plow trucks and tractors, please keep a safe distance. Wait for a signal from the plow driver that it is safe to enter or exit. In return, please give them a warning when you are about to enter or exit. The drivers are multi-tasking with the operation of the plows and salt spreaders along with the driving of the vehicle.

Be safe!