A New Sidewalk between Winesap and Stayman Courts at Old Orchard Apartments!


There is something great coming for residents of Old Orchard Apartments who live on Winesap and Stayman Courts: a new sidewalk! The residents of Winesap Court will no longer have to trudge through grass, mud and snow or take the long way around to get to their cars. And the kids of Stayman Court will no longer have to walk around West Geipe Road to get to their bus stop. Now there is going to be a convenient, well-lit shortcut. A sidewalk between Winesap and Stayman Courts will make life easier for the residents of Old Orchard Apartments.

Maintenance Monday – keeping your garbage disposal clean


Garbage Disposals are a great appliance, but they aren’t so great if you don’t keep them clean. Here are three great tips from our maintenance department on how to keep your garbage disposal clean and smelling fresh:

  1. Ice Cubes – Using ice cubes at least once a month will keep your disposal clean and smelling fresh. Simply fill the disposal/drain with ice cubes and turn the cold water on to a slow steady flow directly into the drain. Then turn your disposal on and let it run until the ice has been ground up completely.
  2. Bleach – Use 1/4 cup of bleach in the disposal during this process which will help clear out stale odors. Simply pour the bleach in the drain before filling with ice (this will prevent splash back of bleach), however it would be wise to wear an old shirt when cleaning your disposal with bleach.
  3. Grease – When disposing of grease from cooking, such as bacon grease, you should turn on the hot water and leave it running while rinsing the grease from you pan and dishes. Leave the hot water running for a suffecient amount of time to allow for the grease to completely clear the drain line.

Maintenance Monday – THANK YOU to our Residents!


We at Century Corporation / Awalt Builders want to thank our wonderful residents for your assistance and patience during this recent snow storm. We couldn’t have done it without you!


Maintenance Monday – stay warm with humidity

Keep It Humid

It’s true that it’s not the heat that makes you feel warm, it’s the humidity. Humid air feels warmer than dry air, so in the winter, instead of cranking the heat, run a humidifier. This allows you to turn down the heat, save energy, and still feel comfortable. Live, leafy plants also help raise humidity levels.

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