Who Wants Hot Chocolate?!

On a cold winter’s night, what is better than a steaming cup of homemade hot chocolate? Not much, unless it’s homemade hot chocolate with lots of candy toppings! That is what everyone at Old Orchard Apartments enjoyed last night at the Hot Chocolate Bar in the Leasing Office. We had homemade hot chocolate and homemade white hot chocolate, which turned out to be the sleeper hit with the Catonsville crowd. To adorn their tasty treat, folks added marshmallows, whipped cream, toffee, peppermints, peanut butter chips and even more white chocolate (chips). Fun was had by all, young and not so young. It was a great evening of Hot Chocolate Fellowship.


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Maintenance Monday – how to dry wood

The Only Way to Dry Wood

If a piece of your wood furniture has gotten wet, resist the urge to dry it out with a space heater or hair dryer. Too much heat will make wood crack and warp. Instead, keep the area at room temperature and aim a fan at it.

– Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems


Maryland Wine

Did you know there were over 50 wineries in Maryland with more than 400 different wines to choose from? Having an ideal climate for ripening classical wine grapes, Maryland makes world class wine. “From the mountains of Western Maryland to the Chesapeake plains, from country landscapes to quaint historic towns, Maryland’s wineries provide a wide variety of delightful settings for a family adventure, a gathering with friends, a romantic interlude, or a moment of quiet solitude,” boasts MarylandWine.com.

Most of these wineries are just a short drive from our apartments at Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens and Old Orchard. The oldest of Maryland’s wineries, and probably the most famous, is Boordy Vineyards in Hydes, MD, which is only 10 miles from Burnam Woods Apartments. Boordy hosts events throughout the year including tastings, concerts and festivals. Another very popular winery in Maryland is Linganore Winecellars in Mt. Airy, MD, which is within 30 miles from Chatham Gardens and Old Orchard Apartments. Linganore hosts many outdoor music festivals, weekend events and picnics. For a full list of the great events at all of Maryland’s wineries, please click this link http://www.marylandwine.com/events-festivals. Just because it is winter doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!

Maintenance Monday – snow safety

Snow is headed our way tomorrow, so please be careful out there. Watch your step on the slippery sidewalks and watch for the plow trucks while pulling out of your parking spot and driving through the courts. When it snows, we will clear and treat the sidewalks and parking lots. Please remember to stomp your feet outside before entering your building, so you do not track in chemicals. Also, be careful when walking up or down the stairs on the tile so you don’t slip with your wet shoes.

(photo by Chatham resident Marguerite Buzza)

(photo by Chatham resident Marguerite Buzza)

When we start clearing the parking spaces, we ask the residents to please move your vehicles in order for us to clear multiple spaces at a time. We also ask you kindly push the snow & ice off their vehicles onto the drive area, rather then back onto the side walks or in between the vehicles. (Even if the drive area has been plowed, we prefer you push the snow onto the drive area).

Please be respectful of the snow plows, and give them ample room to move about in the parking lots. When you are driving toward or behind the plow trucks and tractors, please keep a safe distance. Wait for a signal from the plow driver that it is safe to enter or exit. In return, please give them a warning when you are about to enter or exit. The drivers are multi-tasking with the operation of the plows and salt spreaders along with the driving of the vehicle.

Here are some safety tips for walking in the snow and ice:

1. Wear boots or overshoes with grip soles such as rubber
and neoprene composite. Slick leather or plastic soles on
shoes will definitely increase the risk of slipping.
2. When getting out of your vehicle, look down at the
surface. If it’s coated with ice you might want to park in a
different place.
3. Use special care when entering or exiting Vehicles, use
the vehicle for support. Before standing brace yourself with the vehicle door and
seat back, this will give you some stability.
4. Step – Don’t jump from vehicles and equipment.
5. Don’t walk with your hands in your pockets. This reduces the ability to use
your arms for balance if you do slip.
6. Take short shuffling steps in very icy areas.
7. Don’t carry or swing heavy loads, such as large boxes, cases or purses that
may cause you to lose your balance when you are walking.
8. When walking, curl your toes under and walk as flat-footed as possible.
9. Don’t step on uneven surfaces. Avoid curbs with ice on them.
10. Place your full attention on walking. Digging in your pocketbook or backpack
while walking on ice is dangerous.
11. Test potentially slick areas by tapping your foot on them.
12. Keep walkways clear of debris, water and ice.

Be safe out there and keep warm!

Maintenance Monday – rid of rust


If you’re trying to keep something rust-proof, here’s a solution you can make. Combine two cups of petroleum jelly and half a cup of lanolin in a microwave-safe bowl and heat the mixture until it melts together. Stir frequently, and make sure to apply to the rust-prone item while the mixture is still warm. Remember, don’t wipe it off; allow the paste to dry on the item.

– Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems

January in Maryland


So far January has had record low temperatures, but there is still lots to do! Starting with Baltimore County Restaurant Weeks January 10-26. Various restaurants across the county offer special menus with discounted prices. It is a great way to enjoy Baltimore County’s finest cuisine. You can also see what Howard County has to offer during Howard County Restaurant Weeks January 13-27. Top chefs are serving up cozy meals at fabulous prices. For residents of Burnam Woods Apartments, please join us in the Leasing Office Friday January 17 from 7-9pm for Bingo! On January 20, be sure to head downtown for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Parade at noon on MLK Blvd and Eutaw Street. Maryland’s annual Polar Bear Plunge takes place on January 25 at Sandy Point State Park. If you’re too sane to take the plunge, there is a heated festival with vendors, music and food. Whatever you do this January, be safe, have fun and stay warm!

Maintenance Monday – disposing of Christmas Trees


Residents of Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens and Old Orchard Apartments, if you need to dispose of your Christmas Tree, please do not carry it through the hall because of the mess and hazard caused by its needles. Instead, please toss your tree over your balcony into the yard area being careful not to allow it to drop onto patios below. Please dispose of your tree by January 17. Thank you for your cooperation. Happy New Year!

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Here at Century Corp, we are starting the New Year off right with a chance for you, our residents, to win a $50 Gift Card. All you have to do is ‘Like’ your community’s Facebook page, and you will be entered in the drawing to win.

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