Apartment Living – furniture space savers

If you’re an apartment dweller with additional storage space provided by your complex, consider yourself lucky! Chances are though, even with an extra closet or two, you’re still jamming pretty tight. You’ve got to shop smart if you’re going to make additional storage space work without making your abode look like a Container Store.

So before you beg your landlord for yet another closet or drop by your parent’s house to hide more boxes in their basement, consider these 5 Small Space Savers:

Stratton Bed

Put it to Bed. Your bed is likely one of the biggest pieces in your place so choose wisely! This Pottery Barn Stratton Storage Bed with Baskets is not only gorgeous but oh-so smart too. Don’t have a walk-in closet? No problem, the drawers in this puppy will save the day.

Junk in Your Trunk. Antique trunks serve two great purposes. One, they’re incredibly fashionable in the interior design world right now because of their vintage vibe. Two, they store a LOT. Stuff your junk, your extra blankets, your keepsakes, whatever in your trunk and then use it as a table. Boom bam, hidden treasures. Try Etsy for stylish and affordable trunks.

Double Duty. If you have any table in your apartment that doesn’t offer storage, consider swapping it for one that does: From coffee, buffet, side tables or benches. This West Elm Nailhead Upholstered Storage Bench can provide extra seating at the dining table, in the living room or in the bedroom all while housing more of your beloved stuff.

Billy Bookshelves

Wall to WallIkea is a savior when it comes to storage solutions. No matter your taste, there is a full wall storage system available. Seek and you shall find. Turn your books, knick-knacks and office junk into art—and in an organized fashion that only the Swedes could have invented.

Sleepover Options. Small spaces need small furniture, and most sleeper beds are chunkier than a sumo wrestler. But sleeper sofas are oh-so-helpful when you want options for guests and guess what? Today there are options that maximize everything: Seating, sleeping & space! Try the Coaster corner sofa that also folds down into a bed.

– Courtney Lochner, guest blogger at Apartments.com

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