Maintenance Monday – lemon, not just for iced tea

There are many uses for lemon besides squeezing it into your iced tea. Here are just a few:

Worry-Free Carving
– To quickly and easily sanitize a cutting board, rub salt onto it with a wedge of lemon.

Cleaner Glass
– Lemon juice makes an excellent glass cleaner, and will even give it an extra shine. Pour it directly onto glass and rub with a soft cloth to dry. Rub newspaper over the area to get rid of any streaks.

Easily Clean Graters
– Clean soft cheese, garlic, or any other food from your grater by cutting a lemon in half and rubbing the pulpy side against the grater. For extra abrasion, add a little salt.

Say Goodbye to Mineral Deposits
– If mineral deposits have built up in your faucet, cut a lemon into quarters, then shove one quarter up into the faucet until it sticks. Leave for about 10 minutes, then twist the wedge out. Repeat with remaining lemon quarters until the deposits are gone.

Shower Curtain Saver
– If your shower curtain has become more disgusting than you’d like to admit thanks to mildew, first wash it in hot soapy water. Then rub a wedge of lemon on the stains and leave the curtain out in the sun. By the time it dries, the stains will be gone.

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