Maintenance Monday – salt, not just for french fries

Salt isn’t just for French Fries and hard boiled eggs. Here are five interesting uses for salt that you may not have thought of:

Wicker That Won’t Age
– To keep wicker from yellowing in the sun, bathe it in salt water with a wet rag when it’s new.

Safety Salt
– Water should never, ever be thrown on a grease fire, because it will only spread. If there’s a fire caused by grease or oil in your   kitchen, throw salt on it until it’s extinguished. The salt will absorb the liquid that is causing the flames.

Drip-Free Candles
– To keep candles from dripping, soak them in a strong salt-water solution after purchasing. To make sure your salt water is as strong as possible, heat up some water and add salt until it won’t dissolve anymore – then you’ll know the water is completely saturated. Leave your candles in this solution for two hours, then remove and dry.

Drain Renewal
– Pour half a cup of salt down the drain of your kitchen sink with warm running water. The salt will freshen your drain and keep it from getting bogged down with grease.

Freshen Shoes
– Get rid of nasty shoe odors by sprinkling salt in them and leaving overnight. The salt will absorb moisture and odors.

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