Maintenance Monday – duct tape

Here are just a few uses and fun facts about duct tape:

  • Vacuum Bag Fix-Up – If your disposable vacuum cleaner bag is full and you don’t have replacement on hand, it’s duct tape to the rescue! Remove the bad and cut a slit straight down the middle. Empty it into the garbage, then pinch the sides together at the slit and fold over. Tape the fold with a liberal amount of duct tape. The bag will hold a little less, but you’ll be ready to vacuum again without having to run to the store.
  • Who Knew? Duck Products, a manufacturer of duct tape, sponsors an annual competition that offers a college scholarship to the person who creates the most stylish prom dress made from duct tape.
  • Keep Wood from Splitting – When cutting plywood, first reinforce where you plan on cutting with a strip of duct tape. The tape will keep the wood from splitting as you saw, and then you can peel the tape right off.
  • Who Knew? Enough duct tape is sold each year to make a duct tape rope that extends all the way to the moon.
  • Splinter Removal – If you get a splinter, a little duct tape does the trick to get it out. Cut off a piece and gently press it to the affected area.

– Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems



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