Get Better Cell Phone Reception in Your Apartment

Getting good reception for your cell phone in your apartment used to be a matter of convenience rather than necessity but that is changing: the residential landline telephone is headed for the endangered species list and cell phones and mobile devices are picking up the slack. So what are your options if your home reception is spotty? You actually have a few different ways to fine tune your reception and ensure effective service:

Keep your phone charged. Your phone uses a lot more power when it is attempting to connect a call: sometimes it has enough juice to attempt the call, but not quite enough to find a signal. Keep your cell phone charged above 50% for  better reception and service.

Find your “sweet-spot.” Try different areas of your apartment for better reception, especially near windows or the entry door. This may not be the most convenient solution, but if you are on a strict budget it has the benefit of being free.

Upgrade your antenna. Some cell phone manufacturers offer “hi-gain” antennas for certain of their models. You may need to go to the store to have the new antenna swapped in; not always helpful, but a cheap solution if it does work.

Use Wi-Fi for your signal. Certain cell phone models offer UMA support, which allows for Wi-Fi signal support when there is no GSM signal coverage.

And if all else fails… switch service providers. Might not be an option based on your contract, but this may be the only longterm solution for chronic poor reception.

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