Top Concerts Coming to the Baltimore area

Do you love music? Do you love going to concerts? If you said yes to both, then you are in luck because you won’t have to travel far. It is barely March and there is already a slew of big name acts slated to play concerts in the Baltimore area this year.

  • March 12 Rihanna plays the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore
  • March 14 Pink plays the Verizon Center in DC
  • April 3 Maroon 5 plays the Verizon Center
  • April 9 Fleetwood Mac plays the Verizon Center
  • April 20 Barry Manilow plays the 1st Mariner Arena
  • May 3 Foreigner plays Pier 6 in Baltimore
  • May 3-4 M3 Rock Festival with Bret Michaels at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD
  • May 5 Earth, Wind and Fire plays Pier 6 
  • May 7 Rush plays the 1st Mariner Arena
  • May 11-12 Taylor Swift plays the Verizon Center
  • May 11 Sweetlife Festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion
  • May 18 Pitbull, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will headline Preakness InfieldFest 2013 at Pimlico
  • May 19 ZZ Top plays Pier 6
  • June 12 Sting plays Pier 6
  • June 14 New Kids On The Block w/Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees at the Verizon Center 
  • June 22 Bruno Mars plays the Verizon Center
  • June 23 One Direction plays the Verizon Center 
  • July 10 Vans Warped Tour at Merriweather Post Pavilion
  • July 20 Fun. plays Merriweather Post Pavilion
  • July 20 The Beach Boys play Pier 6
  • July 24 The Steve Miller Band plays Pier 6
  • July 29 & 30 Beyonce plays the Verizon Center
  • August 3 Justin Bieber plays the Verizon Center
  • August 8 Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake play M & T Bank Stadium in Baltimore
  • August 13 Buddy Guy and George Thorogood play Pier 6

For a complete list of each venue’s shows and ticket information, click on the following sites:  Merriweather, Pier 6, Verizon Center, 1st Mariner Arena, Ticketmaster.

Concert Season has arrived!

Concert Season has arrived!

Which shows are you going to this year?

Maintenance Monday – clean so you don’t have to pay

Cleaning your apartment can save you money. Make sure you are cleaning behind your furniture and appliances. Remove all dirt, debris and plastic bags that may have sneaked behind them when you weren’t looking. For instance, a plastic bag got behind a refrigerator and lodged itself into the condenser fan causing a weird noise. Left unattended this could have caused the condenser to burn up, then you the resident would be charged for its repair or replacement. So pull out those refrigerators, toaster ovens, couches, and desks and clean behind them – it may just save you money.

clean so you don't have to pay

clean so you don’t have to pay

How to Host an Oscar Party in Your Apartment

Award Season comes to an end this Sunday February 24th with the 85th Academy Awards, more commonly known as The Oscars. For Best Picture, the nominees this year are Amour, Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, and Zero Dark Thirty. For a complete list of all the 2013 Oscar nominees, please click here.

2013 Oscars

2013 Oscars has some fun ideas on hosting a great Oscar party in your apartment:

Nominated movie themes
If you love the challenge of a themed party, Oscar night is the perfect evening to throw one. This year, be topical and invoke Hollywood inspiration by asking your attendees to dress like a character from one of the nominated movies. You might even assign a specific movie to each of your pals. (Best animated short should be a hoot.) Another option is to turn it into more of an actual celebrity theme, encouraging guests to show up dressed as one of the Best Actor or Actress nominees. Don’t forget to award prizes for most original costume!

Oscar oldies, but goodies
Another spin on the costume party is to ask your fellow Oscar fans to dress in the style of their favorite Academy Award winners from the past. This opens up ideas from silent film stars to 1970s celebs. The costume party might even turn into a live game of charades, where each star acts out a line or scene from their movie homage, while guests guess who is being portrayed.

Acceptance speech action
If your friends aren’t into costumes, have them come as they are, but ask them to bring their own creative acceptance speech to read during each commercial. Set a 2 minute (suggested!) time limit. Assign your guests a number when they arrive, and then draw numbers out of a hat at each commercial break to see who will deliver their acceptance speech on the spot. You might give out fake awards like “Best Trained Dog” or “Best Wig Design.” In your invitations, be sure to encourage the kind of zany behavior becoming of a denizen of the silver screen.

The Oscar Ballot
Let’s face it: besides the costumes and the crazy speeches, the fun part of the Oscars is finding out who wins. Any self-respecting Academy Awards party will print out ballots for their guests to rate the movies before the show starts — over cocktails, let’s say. Then the person with the most correct choices at the end of the night wins a prize. (Movie tickets are a great reward!)

From movie-specific to celebrity-era themes, there are many unique ways to celebrate Oscar night. Grab your best costume and your Oscar ballot, then prepare to enjoy a Hollywood-inspired evening with your favorite supporting cast of friends.

Maintenance Monday – when is it time to call maintenance?

Today’s Maintenance Monday tip is courtesy of

Many apartment residents just aren’t sure when it’s time to place a call to maintenance; some hesitate because something seems like a minor problem, not worth complaining about. In truth, though, it’s to everyone’s benefit to let maintenance know about problems as early as possible. Maybe something minor doesn’t need to be fixed right away, or maybe what you’re experiencing isn’t a problem at all, but the only way to know that for sure is to ask the expert. When minor problems are ignored, they can sometimes turn more serious, creating more problems for you and more work and expense for management down the road. When in doubt, err on the side of reporting the issue—that way, a qualified professional can decide whether repairs are required and management can keep an eye on possible emerging problems and address them as soon as it makes sense to do so.

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Remember when Valentine’s Day…

Remember when Valentine’s Day in elementary school meant a party with cupcakes, candy hearts, and receiving a Valentine from everyone in class?

Remember when Valentine’s Day in middle school (or junior high) meant your first boy/girl dance with everyone actually slow dancing? middle-school-dance

Remember when Valentine’s Day in high school meant getting a candy gram in your locker from that special someone? locker2

Remember when Valentine’s Day as adult meant pressure to get just the right gift to show your affection, but not show too much affection if you’ve just started dating? Valentine's Day food gift

I think I would like to go back to those Valentine’s Days of yesteryear with cupcake parties and candy hearts – and get a Valentine from everyone I know. 🙂

If you still haven’t made Valentine’s Day plans yet, read our blog post from last week here for ideas on how to celebrate. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Maintenance Monday – go green in your apartment

Even though your apartment doesn’t technically belong to you, there are still ways that you can make changes to live greener. Going green doesn’t have to mean adding permanent installations to your landscape or building. Change your lifestyle instead of your structure and you can still have a positive effect on the environment.

Go Green!

Go Green!

Banish the Bottle

Plastic water bottles fill up a large portion of landfills. Avoid adding to this problem by installing a faucet water filter and using stainless steel water bottles when you’re on the move. If you have an older faucet that won’t accept a modern filter, use a filter pitcher to achieve the same results.

Hidden Electricity Thieves

Appliances that are turned off but still plugged in continue to draw power from your outlets. Unplug cell phone chargers, coffee makers and other items that you only use for part of the day, and save a significant portion of your electric bill. In the average home, this could result in a savings of up to 40 percent, making a significant reduction on our electricity usage.

Heating and Cooling

Turn down your thermostat in the winter and back up in the summer. Switching your room temperature by only two degrees can save a large amount of carbon emissions, and give you a nice bonus in your next utility bill. Wearing a sweater in the winter doesn’t cost a thing, but can save you big money in utility bills in the long run.

Maximize Your Machines

Going green doesn’t mean that you have to avoid modern conveniences such as washing machines and dishwashers, but don’t use them wastefully. Wait until you have a full load to turn the machine on. You don’t have to do the dishes every night if you only produce two or three dirty items each day. Wait a few days until your machine is full, then run the load as usual.

Cover Your Windows

You may have chosen your apartment partly because of a spectacular view, but keeping it on display all the time could cost you money and waste resources. Cover any large windows with thick drapery or shades. Covering windows can significantly reduce heat loss in the winter, and keeping out bright sunlight can help to keep your apartment cool in the summer.

Make it Literally Green

Whether you have a balcony, a patio or simply a sunny window, take advantage of any opportunity you may have to grow plants in your apartment. Greenery in your home can help to clean the air, reducing the need for electric air cleaning devices. Learn about container gardening and put in a balcony garden to grow your favorite vegetables. With the use of intensive planting, trellises and hanging planters, you can create a green oasis that will feed you for months.

Today’s Maintenance Monday blog comes from SF Gate.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just six days away. How will you be celebrating? Are you just going to grab a card and a flower on the way home from work on the 14th, or are you really going to put some thought into it?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For those of you who are planning ahead, you may want to order a delicious cake from The Yummery in White Marsh – especially if you live at Burnam Woods Apartments. They specialize in custom cakes for all occasions. Surprise your Valentine with a yummy cake delivered to their work, or you can pick it up for dessert. Click here for more information. If you live at Chatham Gardens Apartments, you should enter the ‘date nights for a year’ contest from Howard County Tourism. Let your Valentine know that you have entered a contest to win the two of you “over $4000. worth of romance inspired experiences!” Click here for details. For those of you who live at Old Orchard Apartments and want to avoid the Valentine’s dinner rush on the 14th, buy tickets for the Winter Wine Tasting on February 21st at Overhills Mansion in Catonsville. It will give your Valentine something to look forward to, and you won’t have to sit in a crowded, loud restaurant with everyone else. Click here for more information.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Maintenance Monday – drain screens

When cleaning out your fish tanks and flowers pots, please use a drain screen. Cleaning fish tanks and flower pots in the kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as the bathtub, clogs the drain lines with fish tank gravel and flower pot soil. To avoid this, please use a drain screen while cleaning. They can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, etc in the hardware or plumbing aisles.

don't let this happen to you

don’t let this happen to you

Where are you watching the Super Bowl?

Happy Purple Friday! Just two more days before the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 47 – Ray Lewis’ last game. There are plenty of places around Maryland having great Super Bowl parties.

Go Ravens!

Go Ravens!

The Super Bowl party starts today at 3pm with the Ravens Pep Rally in the Alley at the side street of Della Rose’s. So those of you who live at Burnam Woods Apartments should head over to The Avenue at White Marsh this afternoon. There will be special drink and food prices, as well as prizes. Go back to The Avenue at White Marsh on Sunday where the Super Bowl party continues at The Tilted Kilt. If you live at Chatham Garden Apartments, you may want to check out Jilly’s Super Bowl party starting at 3pm Sunday. They are having $2.25 beers and $6. wings, pizza and nachos – and best of all no cover and plenty of big screen tvs to watch the game. For those of you at Old Orchard Apartments, drive down Frederick Road to Dimitri’s on Super Bowl Sunday for their buffet and drink specials.

Where are you watching the Super Bowl?