Maintenance Monday – learn to love your heat pump

Heat Pumps get a bad rap, but really they are very effective. Keep your thermostat set at a constant comfortable temperature and keep your fan set on ‘auto’, not ‘on’ so it is only blowing hot air. When the temperature outside gets really cold, like we had the past week when the daytime high was 20 degrees, flip your thermostat over to supplemental (or emergency) heat. It isn’t really ’emergency’ heat, and it won’t cost you any more. In fact, if you don’t change it to supplemental (or emergency) heat, your heat pump will actually cost you more money because it will be flipping back and forth between regular and supplementary heat. So when the forecast for the day is well below freezing, go ahead and turn your thermostat over to supplemental (or emergency) heat.

heat pump

heat pump

Facebook ‘like’ contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Facebook ‘like’ contest. We ran the contest from September through the end of 2012. Each person who ‘liked’ our Facebook page received one entry into a drawing for a $50 gift card. We had several entries for each of our pages at Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens and Old Orchard Apartments. At our last meeting of the year, the manager from each apartment community blindly picked a name from the entries. Adam Westover was the winner at Burnam Woods Apartments, Bhargavi Srinivasan was the winner at Chatham Gardens Apartments, and Nicole Sprinkel was the winner at Old Orchard Apartments. Congratulations everyone! Let us know what goodies you got with your gift card.

Congrats Nicole!

Congrats Nicole!

We will be running more contests throughout the year, so please continue to check our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Maintenance Monday – in case there is a fire…

In case there is a fire in your apartment, please pull the fire alarm located on the main level by the building entrance door to alert everyone in the building of a potential hazard and to evacuate. A fire in your apartment will only set off your smoke detector in your apartment, not in the other apartments in your building, so it is crucial that you pull the building fire alarm.

building fire alarm

building fire alarm

The building fire alarms are tested once a year by Fire Line and the fire department. Our maintenance department checks all smoke detectors in your apartments twice a year when we change your furnace filters. It is a good practice not to leave the kitchen while cooking or to leave candles unattended.

Maintenance Monday – preparing for cold weather

We have been lucky so far this winter, but the cold winter weather is just around the corner. Here are five ways to prepare yourself and your apartment for the winter, according to Cambridge Park Apartments.

As the temperature drops, it’s time to start thinking about safe cold weather practices for yourself and your rental. Create a checklist using the 5 Points of Protection to start off the winter season right.

      • Protect your health through sanitary practices. Who’s got time to lay around sick and pitiful? No one. If you’re going to be off of work, let it be for a cool vacation, not to nurse the flu. Protect yourself by doing what you already know to do: eat well; get plenty of sleep; take vitamin supplements; wash your hands when you’re in contact with anything public; cover your coughs and sneezes and sharply condemn those who don’t do the same! *Include sinister glare, even at children.*
  • Protect your cash by conserving energy while warming your homeKeep your thermostat on a modest temperature between 65-74 degrees instead of jacking it up in the evening when you’re home and letting the rental freeze when you’re away. It cost more to try to defrost an icicle than to warm a chilled room. If only one room of your home gets used frequently, consider setting the thermostat ultra-low and using an energy efficient space heater. Not sure if you’re saving dough? There are plenty of apps to help you monitor energy usage and savings.
  • Protect your life by staying up to date on emergency evacuation plans. Unfortunately, the winter marks the height of residential fires. From fireplaces to Christmas lights and candles, there are risks at every turn. While it’s important to practice safe fire handling skills at home, remember that your neighbors might not…be that considerate. Familiarize yourself with evacuation plans for your building and the community.
  • Protecting your home with safety tips while warming and decorating the home. As the point above mentions, there is a tendency for fire-related accidents to happen during the colder months.  Do you research before using multiple space heaters, and getting the bonfire roaring.
  • Protecting property while away on vacations. In addition to locking doors and windows (duh) don’t forget to take additional precautions. Notify trusted neighbors of your vacation dates and ask them to look out for your place. Stop mail delivery to your home so that it doesn’t accumulate. Unplug electronics and appliances to conserve energy and prevent electricity-related problems. It’s also a smart idea to shut off the water valve to your washing machine (and even your fridge if your vacation is long) to prevent burst pipes under pressure.

Grab some hot cocoa and enjoy the cold weather months!


There’s an App for that

These days almost everyone has a smart phone (like an iPhone) and/or tablet (like a Kindle Fire). And these devices function primarily on Apps, which is short for Application Software. There is an App for anything and everything you want to do. Here is some information about some of our favorites Apps at Century Corp.

There's an App for That

There’s an App for That

Mostly everyone is on either Facebook or Twitter, or knows what it is – and if you are you have that App on your phone or tablet, so we won’t go into what those apps do. But in case you don’t know, our apartments at Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens, and Old Orchard all have their own Facebook and Twitter pages. Another very popular App is Foursquare. This is a social media app that is used to ‘check in’ to places such as restaurants, movies, bars, stores, hotels, museums, etc to let your friends know where you and what you’re doing – and sometimes when you check in you get a gift or a discount. Be sure to ‘check in’ when you visit any of our apartments to receive your free gift. Connect your Foursquare to your Facebook and Twitter pages, so when you ‘check in’, it posts on your pages. Hootsuite is an App to manage all of your social media sites. Connect up to five of your social media sites and post just one time and it simultaneously goes to all your sites on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.

GetGlue is an App where you ‘check in’ to what tv shows, movies, sports you are watching or what book you are reading or what music you are listening to. It is a great way to let your friends know what new books, movies, or music is out there, and a fun way to discuss them. When you check in on GetGlue, it posts on your Facebook and Twitter pages if you connect your sites. Instagram is a photo App. Take photos from your phone and adjust the color, tint and border and post them to your Facebook and Twitter sites simultaneously. Parker is a great App for finding an available parking space before you get to the parking lot. You can filter by street or only garage spaces, etc. You can even make a mobile payment. Another helpful driving App is any sort of GPS or Maps App – the name and type will change depending on your device. You can get directions, find out distances, and nearby restaurants and hotels.

Most websites have mobile Apps. Google is probably the most popular. It is used to find out any information. For instance, to find out where a restaurant is located or what year that stadium opened. How did we look up stuff before Google? It has even become a verb – ‘I’ll google it and find out.’ IMDB is a great App to find out who that is playing a character is a movie or tv show, or to find out what year that movie was made. Fandango is a great App for finding movies times and where they are playing and even buying your tickets. If you want to check on a flight to make sure it is on time, whether it’s for yourself or if you’re picking someone up, use the FlightView App. Just type in the airline, flight number and date and you will have takeoff and landing times as well as gate and luggage locations. With the YouTube, Kindle, and Weather Channel Apps you can watch videos, read books, and get the weather forecast.

There are Apps for your favorite sports team to follow the scores. There are Apps for your bank, so you can do all of your banking from your phone or tablet. And Apps for calculator, notepad, and games makes your phone or tablet indispensable. What Apps are you using?

Maintenance Monday – christmas trees

This week’s Maintenance Monday tip is about how to dispose of your Christmas Tree. No, you are not experiencing deja vu. This was posted before the holidays, but thought it was a good idea to re-post it. For residents of Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens and Old Orchard Apartments, please do not take your tree out through the common hall due to the mess with the pine needles. Instead, please dump them out into the grassy area below your patio by the 15th of January. If you must carry your tree through the hall, you must use the large tree bags to take them out.