Maintenance Monday – shine stainless steel with flour

Here is a great cleaning tip that may help you out this Thanksgiving.

Usually when you’re talking about having flour all over your kitchen, it’s usually because your getting down with some baked goods, not cleaning! One of the simplest cleaning tips we’ve used time and time again is not only inexpensive, but chemical free and has yet to let us down!

Stainless steel is everywhere these days when it comes to your kitchen, so when we first head this tip we were convinced that the aftermath of it all wouldn’t be as spectacular as the oddity of the idea seemed to imply. Low and behold, it was the best thing we ever did and it’s single-handedly the most gratifying way to finish up a deep clean in the kitchen. Here’s how:

After cleaning your sink with a paste of baking soda and water, dry the sink out completely and shake in some flour. We use roughly 1/4 cup, though to be honest it’s not really a measuring thing — more of a dump a little out and call it good, kind of thing. Simply buff your sink with a soft cloth rag and keep at it until your sink is glistening. Wipe out leftover flour with your towel and shake into your compost bin or trashcan. It’s as easy as that.

Although it might not be as practical on small appliances, this tip still works great, just make sure to use smaller amounts of flour and use a small brush to get the flour back out of tiny crevices. Make sure to use this trick when moving out of an apartment, your landlord will be shocked! It’s a small way to make a big impression for mere pennies!

This week’s Maintenance Monday tip is brought to you by Apartment Therapy.