Maintenance Monday – hurricane sandy

This week’s Maintenance Monday tip is, you guessed it, about preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully you have already gone to the store and gotten your water, batteries and canned goods because Maryland has declared a State of Emergency and is advising everyone to stay home and off the roads. With the high winds and heavy rain that we will be experiencing the next 48 hours, there is a high possibility of power outages and flooding across the region. Please unplug your electronics, secure everything on your patio or balcony, and remove any precious items off the floor if you’re in a ground level apartment. Also, please check on your neighbor, especially those who may need a little extra help during this time. All malls and schools are closed, so please stay home and off the roads.

“Current predictions call for 25 mph sustained winds increasing throughout the day Monday to 40 mph with gusts of 60 mph or higher. Heavy rain and sustained winds will continue through late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Temperatures will drop into the 40s with wind chill close to freezing.”

Please be safe during these next few days of Hurricane Sandy.


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