Maintenance Monday – prevent plumbing problems

Today’s Maintenance Monday tip is brought to you by SF Gate.

To prevent plumbing problems, keep drains flowing freely. Avoid pouring oil, coffee grounds or other solids into the kitchen sink. In the bathroom, remove hair from the sink and tub promptly so they’re not washed down the drain. Sink and toilet clogs usually can be unstopped with a plunger. Fill the clogged vessel with water and then push the plunger straight down in a quick, firm motion. You may need to repeat a number of times before the clog is removed.


2 thoughts on “Maintenance Monday – prevent plumbing problems

    • Thank you for sharing these good tips. I tell my family and friends the same thing. Don’t pour oil down the drain, but they don’t listen to me. They only believe things when they read them on the internet.

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