Are You a Good Neighbor?

People usually don’t comment when they have a good neighbor, but they almost always do when they have a bad one. Are you a bad neighbor? Do you keep odd hours, slam your doors, play loud music, blare your television, drive too fast through the community, or leave trash in front of the dumpsters? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading to see how you can transform from a bad neighbor into a good neighbor.

are you a good neighbor?

A good neighbor is considerate, helpful, and most of all treats others the way they want to be treated. A good neighbor is aware of shared walls by keeping their music and television volumes low, carefully closing their doors, and not stomping through their apartment in high heels. A good neighbor practices parking etiquette by parking in front of their own building, not blocking anyone’s access forcing them to pull out of a very tight spot, not reving their engine, not shining their headlights into the neighbors’ windows, and carefully closing their car doors. A good neighbor welcomes new neighbors by introducing themselves, sharing where the kids are to play with, and pointing out the best restaurants and shops in the area.

So, are you a good neighbor?


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