Old Orchard Apartments Resident Appreciation Day

A good time was had by all yesterday at our Resident Appreciation Day at Old Orchard Apartments. Our staff showed our appreciation for our residents by serving pizza and sodas, giving out door prizes, and playing games with the kids. We were joined by local businesses including Comcast Xfinity, Wells Fargo, Verizon Fios, Verizon Concierge, and LA Fitness. Everyone loved Rita’s mango Italian ice served up by Verizon, and of course the free pizza from Comcast was a big hit. People were thrilled to get Karen Gatzke’s “Life is Great in 21228” magnets – one resident even exclaimed, “It sure is!”

everyone having a good time

pizza anyone?

our first door prize winner

another lucky winner

There was also a table showcasing all of the social media sites that Old Orchard Apartments are on, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, foursquare, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you ‘like’ our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/OldOrchardApts, you could win $50. – one ‘like’ equals one chance to win $50. If you check in with us on foursquare at http://foursquare.com/v/old-orchard-apartments/4fb69a7e0cd6c7f906a4c808, you get a free gift. Just show your check in to the leasing office when you visit to receive your free gift, while supplies last.

social media at Old Orchard

These Facebook and Foursquare specials are also available on our Burnam Woods and Chatham Gardens Apartments’ sites. Also, our Resident Appreciation Fall Festival is tomorrow at Burnam Woods Apartments, so stay tuned for a complete recap of that event in the next few days.

Maintenance Monday – fire safety

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed your first weekend of Fall and are refreshed and ready to start the week. This week’s Maintenance Monday tip is about Fire Safety. Please do not have a throw rug on the floor in front of the apartment entrance door because it can prevent the door from closing properly on its own, therefore becoming a potential problem should a fire occur. Our apartment doors at Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens and Old Orchard Apartments are on a spring hinge that allows the door to close on its own without being pulled or pushed closed. This function is a fire code regulation in order to keep doors closed to prevent a backdraft, or flames traveling during a fire.

Maintenance Monday – your refrigerator

Keep Your Apartment Refrigerator at the Right Temperature

Most people expect refrigerators to just do what they’re supposed to and keep foods at the right temperature. But the thing is, refrigerators aren’t always set up to do this correctly or efficiently. It’s likely that your apartment refrigerator could be set to keep food too cold, thus resulting in wasted energy and partially-frozen foods, or not cold enough, which could cause your food to spoil quickly, or, worse, make you sick.

So the priority, of course, is keeping food at a safe temperature. The FDA says that 41°F or less is the temperature at which refrigerators should stay. Keeping food at or below this temperature slows the growth of most bacteria — while it won’t kill bacteria, it will keep them from multiplying. As for the freezer, the FDA says to freeze at 0°F or less. They also recommend checking the temperature once per week.

Green Refrigerator Tips

Setting your fridge (and freezer) to the right temperature is one way to go green and not waste energy. The Green Guide suggests more ways you can save energy and save on your electric bill:

  • Keep the top of your refrigerator clutter-free, as it can hamper the compressor’s proper air circulation
  • Avoid evaporation by covering food and drink in the fridge
  • Avoid frost build-ups of more than a quarter-inch, and defrost the freezer regularly

A Message Center

If you have a roommate, consider turning the fridge into a message center. If your refrigerator has a magnetic front or side, keep a few magnets and some paper on there, and it can be  your designated place to leave each other important notes and reminders.

Move-Out Reminder

When you eventually move out of your apartment, don’t forget to clean out the fridge! While you may have spent your last day there vacuuming, dusting and disinfecting every inch of space in order to try to get your deposit back, renters often forget about the refrigerator. Don’t leave anything in there and be sure to wipe it clean and leave it tidy.

a happy fridge

*Today’s ‘Maintenance Monday’ tip is from ApartmentSearch by Cort. For more information, click http://blog.apartmentsearch.com/apartment-maintenance/refrigerator-tips/

Fall – is it the best season?

Sweatshirts, jeans, rustling leaves, pumpkins, football. What do these things remind you of? Fall – or autumn if you are more sophisticated. We have had Fall-like temperatures this past week, and it has put everyone in a fantastic mood! This leads me to the question, is Fall the best season?

Fall is the Best Season

If you love football, then Fall is definitely your favorite season. With September comes football, both college and NFL. And with football comes football parties. Friends gather together for football parties when their team is away and tailgate together at the stadium during home games. It is a great time of fellowship and fun. It is especially fun when your team is winning. Most folks who live at Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens and Old Orchard Apartments are very happy because their Baltimore Ravens are in first place and will most likely remain there throughout the season.

Fall is for Football

If you love moderate temperatures, then Fall is definitely your favorite season. People are happier when the weather is nice. And the weather during Fall couldn’t be any nicer – high 60s and low 70s with low humidity and mostly sunny skies. It is cool enough outside to open the windows in your house and have that fresh air circulating. It is warm enough during the day for a tee shirt and jeans and just cool enough at night for a sweatshirt. It is perfect weather for outdoor activities such as the Charm City Music Festival this Saturday September 15th in Baltimore City and the Main Street Music Festival in Ellicott City September 29th.

Fall is for Festivals

If you love school, then Fall is definitely your favorite season. Some youth (and I was one of them) get really excited to go back to school. It is fun to get new school clothes and new school supplies. Being back at school seeing your friends every day  – lots of fun to be had. And I am sure parents, especially those who stay home with their kids, are especially happy when schools start again. I know Fall is their favorite season.

Fall is for Fun at School

So, is Fall the best season? What do you love about Fall?

Monday Maintenance – car registration

This week’s ‘Monday Maintenance’ is not a maintenance tip, but more of a reminder and a warning. All residents at Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens, and Old Orchard Apartments need to make sure their vehicle information is current with the leasing office. We need to know the make, model, color and license plate number of your car, of all of your cars. This information is crucial so we can inform you when you need to move your car for parking lot repairs, snow removal, etc. If we do not have any information on your car and we need it moved, then it will be towed at your expense. So please take a minute to contact the leasing office with your current car information.

tell us about your car

Orioles Magic!

It seems that Orioles Magic has returned to Baltimore, after a 15 year hiatus. For the first time since 1997, the Baltimore Orioles are in 1st place in September – and are most likely going to the playoffs. You could definitely feel the Orioles Magic at Camden Yards last night for Cal Ripken Jr’s statue dedication ceremony and the Orioles 10-6 win over the Yankees.

September 6th

Last night was September 6th, the 17th anniversary of Cal Ripken Jr’s 2131st consecutive game when he broke Lou Gehrig’s record. It was also the night of Cal Ripken Jr’s statue dedication ceremony. Throughout the season the Orioles have unveiled statues of Hall of Famers Frank Robinson, Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray and Brooks Robinson (whose statue will be unveiled September 29th).  Fans lined up as early as 1:30pm yesterday to get an autograph from Cal when he arrived at Camden Yards.

waiting for Cal

Most fans got in line about 4pm, an hour before gates opened, to secure a good view of Cal’s statue dedication ceremony. Once inside, fans swarmed the center field picnic area where the ceremony was held. The seated VIP audience included Cal’s family (wife Kelly, mom Vi, brothers Billy and Fred), former teammates (Brady Anderson, Eddie Murray, Mike Bordick, Ken Singleton), current Orioles (Buck Showalter, Adam Jones, Mark Reynolds), and Lynda Carter (tv’s Wonder Woman) who is apparently a close friend of Cal’s. After speeches by Brady Anderson, Billy Ripken, Louis Angelos, Cal Ripken’s statue was unveiled and then he took the stage and gave his speech, getting choked up when speaking of his family.

Cal’s Statue Dedication Ceremony

Cal and his statue

Cal Ripken Jr statue at Camden Yards

About an hour later, there was an on field ceremony and then the game started around 7:15. By the end of the 1st inning, Orioles Magic was in full swing as the Orioles took the lead 4-0, including a homerun by Watt Wieters. This was the first of six homeruns the Orioles would get in their 10-6 victory over the Yankees. The Orioles were up 6-1 after seven innings, then the Yankees scored five runs in the 8th inning to tie the game, then the Orioles scored four runs in the bottom of the 8th to get the win and solidify their first place standing the American League East.

Orioles Magic

There are only are only 12 regular season home games left, so get down to Camden Yards and join in some of that ORIOLES MAGIC!