Maintenance Monday – get the most out of your washing machine

With a washing machine in your apartment, you’ve got serious convenience. It’s no doubt a great amenity. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your apartment’s washer:

  • Be courteous of your neighbors. They may be able to hear your washing machine through the floor or wall when it’s running, so you may not want to do laundry late at night or very early in the morning.
  • Never use more detergent than what’s recommended on the detergent bottle. Using too much can lead to a big, soapy, wet mess.
  • Don’t leave your apartment while the washer is running. If it overflows or malfunctions, you need to be there to take care of the situation.
  • To use your washer efficiently and avoid wasting water, it’s recommended that you only do laundry when you have enough for a full load. Washing just one T-shirt can be a huge waste of energy and water.
  • If you have a roommate, don’t leave your clothes just sitting in the washer for too long after they’re done, as your roommate might also want to do laundry.
  • Very large comforters, blankets and rugs can potentially damage a washing machine. You may want to consider taking these items to a laundromat where they have oversize washers available.
  • If you suspect your washer is broken or not working correctly, put in a maintenance request at your apartment manager office. (Of course, if you own the washer, it’s your responsibility to keep it in working order.)
  • Check your dryer’s lint filter regularly. Clogged lint filters cause your dryer to run much less efficiently – and are a leading cause of household fires.

*Today’s ‘Maintenance Monday’ tip is taken from ApartmentSearch by Cort. For more information, please click on the following link


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