Maintenance Monday – air conditioning and bulk trash

Welcome to our “Maintenance Monday” series. Each Monday we will post tips and policies from our Maintenance Department.

Your Air Conditioner will run more efficiently when it is left at a constant comfortable temperature, rather than turning it off and on. If you turn your air conditioner off while you are out of the apartment, it will take a long time to cool your apartment once you return. This causes more electricity to be used, which causes a more expensive electricity bill for you. Rather than turning your air conditioner off while you are out, you can program your thermostat to run at different temperatures at different times during the day. For instance, program your thermostat for 80 degrees at 7:00am while you are away, and then program it for 75 degrees at 5:00pm when you return.

We do not have a Bulk Trash pickup. Anyone who leaves bulk trash at our dumpsters will be charged for removal and dump fees. Please report any bulk trash you see. We want to keep our communities attractive, so we can continue to Live Happy!


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