Maintenance Monday – get the most out of your washing machine

With a washing machine in your apartment, you’ve got serious convenience. It’s no doubt a great amenity. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your apartment’s washer:

  • Be courteous of your neighbors. They may be able to hear your washing machine through the floor or wall when it’s running, so you may not want to do laundry late at night or very early in the morning.
  • Never use more detergent than what’s recommended on the detergent bottle. Using too much can lead to a big, soapy, wet mess.
  • Don’t leave your apartment while the washer is running. If it overflows or malfunctions, you need to be there to take care of the situation.
  • To use your washer efficiently and avoid wasting water, it’s recommended that you only do laundry when you have enough for a full load. Washing just one T-shirt can be a huge waste of energy and water.
  • If you have a roommate, don’t leave your clothes just sitting in the washer for too long after they’re done, as your roommate might also want to do laundry.
  • Very large comforters, blankets and rugs can potentially damage a washing machine. You may want to consider taking these items to a laundromat where they have oversize washers available.
  • If you suspect your washer is broken or not working correctly, put in a maintenance request at your apartment manager office. (Of course, if you own the washer, it’s your responsibility to keep it in working order.)
  • Check your dryer’s lint filter regularly. Clogged lint filters cause your dryer to run much less efficiently – and are a leading cause of household fires.

*Today’s ‘Maintenance Monday’ tip is taken from ApartmentSearch by Cort. For more information, please click on the following link

Where to Eat near Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens, and Old Orchard Apartments

Where should you go to eat if you live at Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens or Old Orchard Apartments? Whether you are looking for a place for lunch, dinner or dessert, we have suggestions sure to satisfy whatever craving you are having.

Conveniently located across from The Avenue at White Marsh, Burnam Woods Apartments has lots of great restaurants to choose from. For lunch, dinner or happy hour, DellaRose’s Avenue Tavern and Red Brick Station at The Avenue at White Marsh are great choices for burgers, sandwiches, and other pub fare. If you want to eat in after a long week, order online from Casa Mia’s and get everything from subs and wraps to pizza, crabcakes and wings delivered to your door. Looking to cool off after a long, hot summer day? Take a trip over to Campbell Boulevard for some yummy frozen yogurt with all the toppings at Yogi Castle.

Frozen Yogurt

In the heart of Catonsville, Old Orchard Apartments is surrounded by many great neighborhood restaurants. What describes Maryland better than steamed crabs? Nothing, so drive down Frederick Road to Ships Cafe, who specialize in steamed crabs and seafood. If you’re looking for comfort food, venture over to Grilled Cheese & Co on Edmonson Avenue for the best grilled cheese you’ve ever had. You can get it with crab, bbq chicken, meatball, or just a traditional grilled cheese sandwich – and don’t forget the sweet potato fries. Continue down the street and get a snowball or ice cream cone at Opie’s Soft Serve & Snowball. If you prefer frozen yogurt, then Sweet Frog on North Rolling Road is the place for you.

Steamed Crabs

Chatham Gardens Apartments is close to many great restaurants in Ellicott City. For the best BBQ Ribs, steaks, and burgers go to Bare Bones in St. John’s Shopping Center. This is also a great destination for Happy Hour – complimentary buffet and discounted drinks weekdays from 4pm-7pm.  If seafood is more your thing, then go across the street to Shanty Grille on Plum Tree Drive. Is pizza what you crave? Then a trip to Ledo Pizza in Normandy Shopping Center is a must. They also have pasta, sandwiches and salads, but do yourself a favor and order the pizza! (Luckily there are also Ledo Pizza locations in White Marsh near Burnam Woods Apartments and in Catonsville near Old Orchard Aparments) If you like to finish off your hot summer day with frozen yogurt, then stop by Yogi Castle on Route 40.


Maintenance Monday – bge peak rewards power down

Happy Maintenance Monday! This week’s tip is about BGE’s Peak Rewards program. If you are on the peak rewards program during the summer months, BGE will periodically power down your air conditioner during the peak usage time.  You will be able to determine if BGE has your air conditioner in the power down mode simply by checking your thermostat. The word “Savings” will appear on the screen of your thermostat, and you may notice that the indoor blower fan will be running when the outdoor condenser unit is not running. To keep your apartment cooler during the day especially when BGE does a power down, keep your window shades pulled down to block the sun light and keep your drapes closed. Also if you are not in a room, remember to turn off all lights and other electrical components in that room as they produce heat. Keep cool and have a great week!

Summer Fun across Maryland – festivals, movies and farmers markets

Summer is almost half over, but there are still plenty of outdoor events coming up including festivals, movies, and farmers markets. Luckily many of these great events are free and close to our three apartment communities: Chatham Gardens Apartments, Old Orchard Apartments, and Burnam Woods Apartments.

This weekend is Artscape in Baltimore City. It is America’s largest free arts festival. Artscape takes place July 20-22 outside on Mount Royal Ave & Cathedral St, Charles St, Bolton Hill, and Station North. There are over 150 artists including a great lineup of music on 3 stages. Artscape draws over 350,000 people generating over $25 million for Baltimore City.

There are weekly free outdoor movies in Columbia and Baltimore. The free Lakefront Film Festival is every Monday and Friday night through September 15th at the Columbia Town Center Lakefront in Columbia. Mondays are G and PG movies and Fridays are PG-13 movies. Tonight’s movie is War Horse and begins at 8:30pm. Baltimore City hosts free outdoor movies every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Films on the Pier shows movies at 8:30pm every Wednesday night through August at the Broadway Pier in Fells Point. Flicks on the Hill shows movies at 9:00pm every Thursday night through August at the American Visionary Art Museum in Federal Hill. The Little Italy Outdoor Film Festival is every Friday night through August at High and Stiles streets. Live music begins at 7:00pm and the movies start at 9:00pm. Tonight’s movie is From Here to Eternity.

Film Festivals

There are weekly Farmers Markets in Ellicott City, Catonsville and White Marsh – coincidentally that is also where our three apartment communities are. There are several Farmers Markets in Howard County, but the closest one to Chatham Gardens Apartments takes place every Wednesday from 2:00pm-6:00pm at Howard County Library Miller Branch on Frederick Road. There are two Farmers Markets in Catonsville, and both are very close to Old Orchard Apartments. Catonsville’s Sunday Farmers Market is located at 730 Frederick Road in the parking lot behind Friendly’s from 10:00am to 1:30pm every Sunday through November 4th. The ‘Original’ Catonsville Farmers Market is every Wednesday through November 23rd from 10:00am to 1:00pm at the Bloomsbury Community Center. The Farmers Market at The Avenue at White Marsh, across from Burnam Woods Apartments, is every Friday from 10:00am to 1:00pm behind A.C. Moore and Staples.

Farmers Markets

For the first time, Baltimore is hosting a great music festival. The Charm City Music Festival is Saturday September 15th from noon to 11:00pm at the Harbor East Waterfront, between Fells Point and Pier 6 in Baltimore City. There is going to be over 13 bands including Weezer, Flogging Molly and Eve 6 on two stages – plus a dance tent. In addition to a day of great music, there will also be local cuisine and micro beers in the Crab and Seafood Village. Tickets are on sale now for $50.

What’s in a Name – why are our apartments called Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens, and Old Orchard?

Have you ever thought about the name of your neighborhood or your street? Where did that name come from? Why was it named that? These are some of the questions we were asking ourselves today. So we did a little digging and found out why our apartment communities are named Burnam Woods, Chatham Gardens, and Old Orchard Apartments.

Burnam Woods Apartments’ name was taken from Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth. In Act 5 Scene 5, Macbeth says, “Fear not, till Birnam Wood do come to Dunsinane,” quoting what the witches had predicted for him. The streets of Burnam Woods Apartments are Burnam Woods Court, Dunsinane Drive, Beeson Court, and Raylon Drive. It is still uncertain why we changed the spelling to Burnam, but in Macbeth Birnam Wood is the royal forest of Malcolm who tried to oust Macbeth. Dunsinane was Macbeth’s castle. Christopher Beeson was an actor in Shakespeare’s company. We are not sure of the connection Raylon has to Macbeth or to Shakespeare, so please let us know if you find something.

Macbeth and Birnam Wood

Less literary, and let’s face it less interesting, is how we determined the name of Chatham Gardens Apartments. It was simply named after the street on which the apartments were built – at least we added the ‘Gardens.’ Chatham Gardens Apartments were built after Century Corp / Awalt Bldrs built the housing development also called Chatham, which sits behind the apartments. All of Chatham Gardens Apartments are on North Chatham Road.

A little more historical is the origin of the name Old Orchard Apartments. There used to be an apple orchard where the apartments are today, so we named it after the old orchard. Each street at Old Orchard Apartments is named after a different type of apple: Winesap Court, Stayman Court, McIntosh Court, and Baldwin Court.

Stayman Apple

Maintenance Monday – air conditioning and bulk trash

Welcome to our “Maintenance Monday” series. Each Monday we will post tips and policies from our Maintenance Department.

Your Air Conditioner will run more efficiently when it is left at a constant comfortable temperature, rather than turning it off and on. If you turn your air conditioner off while you are out of the apartment, it will take a long time to cool your apartment once you return. This causes more electricity to be used, which causes a more expensive electricity bill for you. Rather than turning your air conditioner off while you are out, you can program your thermostat to run at different temperatures at different times during the day. For instance, program your thermostat for 80 degrees at 7:00am while you are away, and then program it for 75 degrees at 5:00pm when you return.

We do not have a Bulk Trash pickup. Anyone who leaves bulk trash at our dumpsters will be charged for removal and dump fees. Please report any bulk trash you see. We want to keep our communities attractive, so we can continue to Live Happy!